Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Meet Second Half Athlete: Angel Rivera

Name: Angel Rivera
Position: Point Guard
Height: 5'8
GPA: 3.8
School: IMG Academy (Florida)
Favorite Food: Steak and Rice
Favorite College Team: Gonzaga
Favorite Professional Athlete: Kobe Bryant and Rajon Rondo
What are your goals for this upcoming summer? Continue to hit the weight room hard to get faster and stronger. I am going to keep working on my game so I have as few flaws as possible, working on my defense and pull up jumpers. I also need to find an AAU team for the rest of the summer to get more exposure so college coaches know my name going into next season. I am going to just continue to work hard and get better each day.
Who is the best player you've played with and against? Best player I played with is Vincent Edwards(Middletown SF and SecondHalf Preps #2 rated SF class of 2014). Best player i played against is Julius Randle (UK commit and ESPN #3 rated player 2013).
What are the strengths and weaknesses of your game? Strengths: Good change of speed, good 3 point shooter, great passer, can make my teammates better and I can defend in the half court. Weaknesses: Playing defense full court, jumping ability and my speed, I am working on all three.
What has Second Half Athletes Training done for you? Second Half Athletes Training has improved my conditioning, my ball handling and one on one moves. This is a very intense workout that has helped me take my game to another level.

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